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Nueva Esperanza Chiropractic Clinic:


Nueva Esperanza means New Hope in Spanish. Our specialty is treating people who have been injured at work or in car accidents. In the state of Oregon and in the majority of these cases, worker’s compensation insurance and automobile insurance cover most, if not all of the medical expenses. Very often, there are no co-payments or deductibles.  


Aside from treating injuries, we also treat people who have symptoms for other reasons. People who benefit from our relaxing treatments are those individuals with physically demanding jobs, pregnant ladies, growing children, and the elderly. Our treatments offer a great natural alternative for combating the national opioid crisis. Chiropractic and /or Massage Therapy have minimal to no side effects.


We accept new patients daily and walk-ins are welcome with or without insurance. A referral from your provider is not usually necessary. You may also schedule a therapeutic massage only. 

Please call us at 503 603 3342 for more information.  

Nueva Esperanza Chiropractic Clinic

Office Hours


Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

12pm - 8pm 

Tuesday & Thursday

10am - 4pm

Why should I see a Chiropractor after a work injury or auto accident? 

Whether you have suffered a major or a minor incident, work injuries and auto accidents can potentially leave you with long-lasting symptoms. These symptoms may prevent you from focusing on what matters most to you such as work, school, and/or caring for your family. Aside from pain, these incidents frequently leave the victims suffering dizziness, stress, fatigue, poor sleep, and/or frustration. In addition, these symptoms are often associated with a decrease in function because of reduced mobility and/or strength.


Although pain may be your greatest concern, the other symptoms are also very important. Therefore, they all need to be properly evaluated, documented, and treated. The Chiropractic Physician has extensive knowledge and training on these types of cases. He will perform a thorough consultation and examination, and then he will prescribe a case-specific treatment plan. The recommended therapies will address the tissues typically affected in these injuries (muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, bones, cartilage etc.). If warranted by the evaluation, the doctor may order medical imaging (x-rays, MRIs, etc.) or refer you for a second opinion with a specialist. We, at Nueva Esperanza Chiropractic Clinic, have significant experience managing these cases because we help our patients with similar cases on a daily basis. 


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